Involve guests in a complete emotional experience, offer them the chance to relax in a natural, uncontaminated place offering all comforts, experiment skin deep the beauty of a unique territory using a rich service offer. That is the hospitality philosophy of the Progress Country & Wine House.

Taste and Sport

Many food and wine trips have been designed so that the gourmands amongst you can taste the multiple typical food products this area has to offer, result of the know-how of artisans and an extraordinary culinary art. For the more refined palates, ten of the best fish and meat restaurants in the area have been selected, typical local and even starred locations, offering guests unique, tasteful emotions.

Sports lovers can play or have tennis or golf lessons in the heart of the Asolan hills.


There are also many means and methods proposed to discover the territory: go for a relaxed outing, to fully immerse yourself in the lush vegetation of the Asolan hills or on the four wheels of a quad for adrenaline trails in the mountains of Grappa. While in contact with the horse, we can offer a unique emotional experience.

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Excursion service

For this reason a special excursion service has been created, organised with first class travel agencies and professional guides, guarantees being able to explore the entire area from all points of view: natural, historical-artistic, food and wine. A tailored service for farm guests, customisable to the type of experience that each guest would like to live.

Starting with the tasting tours organised in the vineyards and olive groves of the farm itself, discovering the taste and fragrance of the best fruits the earth has to offer, and in the medieval town of Asolo, residence to famous artists and scholars from all over the world in the 16th century, with a thousand-year-old history enclosed in its walls.