Olive production

The Progress Country & Wine House property has about 600/700 olive trees located on the hills, at between 120 and 260 metres above sea level, and at Europe’s most northerly latitude.

The ideal Climate

Its temperate climate with sun, ideal ventilation and chalky/rocky/clayey ground providing structure and sapidity, help the plants in that area produce olives with exceptional organoleptic details.

Due to these pluses, the Ministry for Agricultural Policies and the European Commission have recognised the “DOP Asolo sub-zone extra virgin olive oil of the Pedemontana del Grappa” certifying it as a typical product of excellence of the Asolan hills.

Organic cultivation

Cultivated organically, the farm’s olive trees produce olives that are hand-picked, selected and squeezed in technologically innovative oil mills. When fully operational, it produces about 500/600 litres of oil a year. The farm’s extra virgin olive oil is rich in good polyphenols, almost 400, and has the best typical characteristics of oil from the Asolan hills.

These include oleuropein that fights free radicals and inflammation, prevents cardio-vascular and neurologic diseases and is an effective antiaging, and oleocanthal with analgesic and anti-inflammatory features, used in medicine to improve blood circulation.


PRO TEMPORE extra virgin olive oil is certified organic and DOP Grappa and has beneficial-curative properties of excellence. It is straw-coloured, has the slight fruitiness of almost ripe olives, is slightly herbaceous with delicate fragrances of sweet almond, mowed grass and a touch of apple.

In the mouth it is mainly sweet, with average fluidity, just slightly bitter and lightly sharp. Being extra virgin olive oil, it is a true medicinal food product , a natural health elixir, as was also declared by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Our oil

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL DOP Grappa - 100% italian