Wine making

An ethical choice that led to investment in innovative production methods, converting production to organic for wine and olive-growing in harmony with nature, with zero chemical additives and heavy metals, reducing the use of copper and sulfur-based products only in cases of extreme necessity, such as diseases like downy mildew and oidium, typical of the territory of Asolo.

Natural wines

The objective is to work preventively as much as possible on the immune system, strengthening the heart and the root of the plants, taking care of them and making them grow with natural products.

An ambitious, complex, virtuous path to create a plant, soil and environment eco-system, above all in favour of health, and of the end product organoleptic characteristics and aromas.

Wine House Vineyards

The Progress Country & Wine House farm owns 5 vineyards planted with vines, all facing the sun, extending over 9 hectares in the Asolan hills and proudly in the municipality of Asolo, in an ideal natural area with chalky/rocky/clayey soil and a mild temperature.

Along with its vineyards in the Country House area, the farm can boast the Col del Sol Vineyard with trenches and caves dating to World War I, to visit enjoying a breathtaking view.

Hillside cultivation

The Asolan hill wine-growing tradition is an ancient one dating back to the Benedictine monks. They understood from the very start that this land, with its special physical characteristics and extraordinary micro-climate, was ideal for making excellent wines.

Venetian noblemen who built splendid villas and palaces in Asolo, at the end of the 15th century, at the time of Caterina Cornaro and her court of scholars and artists, just continued this tradition that we now have the honour and pleasure to welcome and enhance respecting nature.


The winery for the production and winemaking of about one thousand hectoliters of wine has been realized with technological solutions of new generation according to requirements 4.0. The structure is equipped with concrete tanks, stainless steel tanks, wooden tuns, CO2 control, destemmer-crusher, various pumps for a state-of-the-art wine making process. The warehouse is structured for a capacity of 20,000 bottles for a maximum total annual production of 120,000 divided into different types, brands and varieties (Glera, Recantina, Pinot Noir). Here you will find our Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG Organic long charmat 5/6 months ”Col del Sol” the traditional “Col d'Acelum'' and our historical Asolo Montello DOC Recantina “Cento Orizzonti”, in addition to our reserve of DOP Grappa Extra Virgin Olive Oil ‘’Pro Tempore’’

Certificato Prodotto Biologico

Col d'Acelum

Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG

Available in the Extra Brut, Brut and Extra Dry versions, made solely with Glera grapes hand-picked and selected in the Colli Asolani vineyards. Straw yellow in colour with very fine and persistent bubbles, it expresses the great mineral wealth of the terroir. It has distinct hints of white fruits on the nose, while on the palate it is pleasantly acidic, savoury and extremely fresh. Excellent with dry pastries, snacks, starters and suitable for any social occasion, it is best served at a temperature of 6-8 °C.

Certificato Prodotto Biologico

Col del Sol

Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG
(Long Charmat)

Available in the versions Extra Brut, Brut and Extra Dry, it is produced by the long Charmat method (6 months) foreseeing a longer time on the lees and addition of liquor d’expédition after re-fermentation. Characterised by a bright straw-colour and lively, silky, fizzy bubbles, it has excellent volume and balance and a rich, persistent aromatic profile, embellished by light flowery and fruity notes, expressing the specific details of its terroir of origin, making it unique and unmistakeable.
Indicated with aperitifs, starters, first courses, fish, fried fish, cold meats it must be served at a temperature of 6/8°C.

Cento Orizzoni

Recantina Asolo Montello DOC

Purple-red in colour, tending towards garnet red when it ages, “Cento Orizzonti” has an intense, characteristic smell and a dry, savoury, robust taste, with spicy touches, in a mix of harmonised flavours making it instantly recognisable. A touch of originality comes from the native varieties of the Bianchetta and Recantina vine.

Our wines

Organic products of the highest quality.

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