Apartment Suites

The holiday farm/B & B on the estate offers Nine Apartment Suites, each in different colours, wall coverings, floors and furnishings, conjuring up exclusive, unique sensations.

La Città

Inspired by that space harmony and radiant luminosity enriching the town of a hundred horizons, LA CITTÀ apartment uses a light shade colour scale and suggestive transparencies to give shape and emotion to its night and day areas furnished in a modern, elegant style that compose it.

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La Rocca

A refined homage paid to the Rocca Braida of Asolo, fascinating XII century fortress as well as the most suggestive element identifying one of Italy’s loveliest towns. LA ROCCA apartment combines the ancient heat of natural wood with delicate colour nuances and modern, elegant furnishing.

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Le Ville

Yellow like gold, a symbol of riches, elegance and ancient nobility. This is the dominant colour of LE VILLE apartment, a well-lit flat offering all kinds of amenities, inspired by the luxury of the historical houses that embroider the Asolo hills, reinterpreted with a contemporary twist.

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I Vigneti

Inspired by exuberant nature reigning over this corner of hilly paradise, I VIGNETI apartment pays homage to the endless rows of vines, the heady perfume of bunches of grapes and top grape quality of an area which has been devoted for centuries to an excellent wine production.

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La Collina

The sinuous Asolan hill profile, graphically reproduced in the backlit panel that identifies the apartment LA COLLINA, is what inspires the decoration of these suggestive day and night spaces, just like those delicate heights shaped by nature and art over the centuries.

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Le Trincee

The red-purple shade that greets guests as they enter is an impressive eye-catcher. It is the underlying theme of the whole LE TRINCEE apartment, decorating sections of the walls as well as furnishings in the sleeping area and in the living area, giving a touch of contemporary elegance to the rooms.

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Il Cavatappi

Bordeaux is the colour of wine. That of those excellent bottles uncorked in IL CAVATAPPI apartment, so named to pay homage to the divine nectar produced organically in this farm in the heart of Asolo's vineyards fed by an extraordinary soil and microclimate.

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Le Grotte

A delicate elegance in a contemporary style distinguishes the spaces of LE GROTTE, an attic apartment characterized by a fresh shade of green vegetation, great protagonist of the territory of Asolo, in deep harmony with nature.

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Il Grappolo

Large spaces, panoramic view over the vineyards and great care for details distinguish the apartment suite attic IL GRAPPOLO that offers, in addition to the living room-kitchen area and the sleeping area, a large loft that houses a second comfortable bedroom.

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Wine & Oil

We made the ethical choice to invest in innovative production methods for organic viticulture and olive growing in full harmony with nature. We use no chemical additives or heavy metals, and use copper and sulphur-based products only minimally and when strictly necessary, such as in the case of downy mildew and powdery mildew, typical of the Asolo area.

Wine making

The Progress Country & Wine House farm owns 5 vineyards planted with vines, all facing the sun, extending over 9 hectares in the Asolan hills and proudly in the municipality of Asolo, in an ideal natural area with chalky/rocky/clayey soil and a mild temperature.

Along with its vineyards in the Country House area, the farm can boast the Col del Sol Vineyard with trenches and caves dating to World War I, to visit enjoying a breathtaking view

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Olive production

The Progress Country & Wine House property has about 600/700 olive trees located on the hills, at between 120 and 260 metres above sea level, and at Europe’s most northerly latitude.

Its temperate climate with sun, ideal ventilation and chalky/rocky/clayey ground providing structure and sapidity, help the plants in that area produce olives with exceptional organoleptic details.

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