La Rocca

A refined homage paid to the Rocca Braida of Asolo, fascinating XII century fortress as well as the most suggestive element identifying one of Italy’s loveliest towns. LA ROCCA apartment combines the ancient heat of natural wood with delicate colour nuances and modern, elegant furnishing.

Care for details

Carefully designed in the spaces and in the painstaking attention to detail, the apartment features delicate and enveloping colours such as the blue-grey accents on the walls, combined with the taupe and cream of the rooms and furnishings for a distinctive touch and character.

A world of stories and emotions

It consists of a large living area with kitchen and sitting room and a comfortable sleeping area with double bedroom and bathroom. The backlit panel in the hall evokes the outline of the Rocca Braida fortress, an ancient local symbol that immerses the guest in a world of stories and emotions.