I Vigneti

Inspired by exuberant nature reigning over this corner of hilly paradise, I VIGNETI apartment pays homage to the endless rows of vines, the heady perfume of bunches of grapes and top grape quality of an area which has been devoted for centuries to an excellent wine production.

Harmony with the outdoor environment

In perfect harmony with the outdoor environment, the large and comfortable day and night spaces of the apartment are attuned to the soft consonances of grey and brown. An allusion to the warm tones of the earth creates an ideal continuity between natural habitat and living space.

A relaxing break in the vineyards

The dream of treating oneself to a relaxing break in the heart of vineyards comes to life also thanks to the large windows flooding the rooms with light and renewed energy. A regenerating view over a landscape of extraordinary beauty where the art of growing vines dating back to the Benedictine monks is given new life.