Le Trincee

The red-purple shade that greets guests as they enter is an impressive eye-catcher. It is the underlying theme of the whole LE TRINCEE apartment, decorating sections of the walls as well as furnishings in the sleeping area and in the living area, giving a touch of contemporary elegance to the rooms.

The choice of the colour purple

The modern kitchen and the comfortable sitting room overlook a furnished outdoor area that makes the interiors airy and creates a harmonious visual and emotional continuum between inside and outside, between architecture and landscape, between contemporary design and centuries-old nature.

Remembering the trenches

The backlit panel hints to the WWI trenches, an invitation to visit the region and discover its history through these clearly visible traces, as well as exploring its natural beauty and artistic sights. In fact, thanks to renovation works by the Municipality of Asolo, the WWI trenches can now be visited along a 15 km trekking route.